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This gives my impressions of various ski resorts I have visited. The information is to a certain extent going to be  from my viewpoint, and then my viewpoint is going to be slightly different depending on whether I visited the resort during my young and formative years (i.e. before I had a family) or in the later years. I have tried to give a reasonably unbiased view, and some of these resorts were a long time ago, so maybe things have changed in the interim. There should be a date on the page showing when I was last there. The detail may be a bit sketchy for some - either because of the memories fading with time or because I have only written a stub and haven't had time to expand it yet.

So for your info - here are my comments.

Alpe D'Huez Banff Meribel/Mottaret Val D'Isere

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