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Skiing: There are 3 areas you can reach from Banff - Sunshine Village, Lake Louise and Norquay, but I can only comment about the first two as we never visited the third - it is a smaller area and probably it's only advantage is that it is closer to the town of Banff so a shorter transfer. No doorstep skiing here unfortunately - you catch the ski bus and you have anythig from 20 mins (Norquay) to an hour or more (Lake Louise) . That is unless you go the whole hog and stay up at Sunshine Village, in which case you are residing on the slopes - you will literally ski back to your hotel - the down side is that if you want to go anywhere else like Banff town itself you have to catch a gondola down and then have a 30-45 min transfer to the action - and the reverse trip to get back to your bed!



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